U44 Band Festival

We're happy to be part of this year's U44 BAND FESTIVAL in Café44.

Look forward to a great music event with mixed genres and cheap drinks in a cozy location. ;)


More details can be found here.

Zeller Irish Night 2016

We're happy to be part of this year's ZELLER IRISH NIGHT in the beautiful Black Forest.

10 Irish Folk bands will get you into the right mood for St. Paddy's Day on March 19.

So you definately should not miss it. ;)

More information about the festival can be found here.


Folk Abroad 2015

Hi folks,

we'd like to thank you all very much for your great support this year! =)

2015 was a very special time for us with loads of fun and changes:

Unfortunately Stef had to leave the band due to lack of time. But luckily we found a worthy successor soon: Basti.

After a very long period of planning and realisation we finally completed our new homepage. We also renewed our Facebook page and our Youtube channel.

We recorded our first demo tape with 10 songs.

Sunday Session

Hi folks, our Sunday Session already starts around 1 pm from now on.
We also added a new gig to our DATES section. We're playing at O'Reilly's on Halloween. Hope to see y'all there. =)

Hallelujah, it's done!

It took a long time, but we finally made it. After what seemed like an eternity we are glad to present to you our new website. We'd like to thank you all for your patience and hope you're as happy with the result just as we are.


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